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Juvenile Crimes

Bend Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges is already stressful. When you are the parent of a juvenile that has been arrested, it’s important to act quickly and find a Bend juvenile criminal defense lawyer to guide you throughout the legal process. At Nelson Law, we provide knowledgeable counsel and immediately begin working on your child’s defense. Ricky R. Nelson has the experience necessary to defend your minor through juvenile criminal charges in Central Oregon. Charges against a minor can be severe and it’s important to hire capable legal representation as soon as possible to achieve the most favorable results.

Defense For Juvenile Crimes

Working with a juvenile crimes defense attorney in Bend helps protect your child’s best interest. Ricky R. Nelson begins working on your child’s defense and helps you understand the charges and what options are available to you. The court understands juvenile convictions can be detrimental to their future. In some cases, the court is willing to work out a deal that benefits your child in the long run. Working with a compassionate and experienced juvenile crimes lawyer gives your child the best chance at a positive outcome. Nelson Law can provide legal counsel for minors with the following charges:

Nelson Law Can Help

Nelson Law provides you with a strong defense and protects your child’s rights when they face juvenile criminal charges. Hiring a Bend juvenile defense lawyer may assist your family and give your child the best chance at a positive outcome. Ricky R. Nelson grew up in Central Oregon and wants to be able to help minors and their families when facing difficult charges. Contact Ricky R. Nelson for a free case evaluation.

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