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Choosing a DUI Lawyer in Madras and Jefferson County, OR

DUI lawyer in Madras, OR

DUI defendants living in Madras and throughout Jefferson County may often look to Bend or Redmond to find a criminal defense attorney. If you have been charged with a DUI in Jefferson County, you already have to deal with the difficulties associated with the arrest. You shouldn’t also have to travel to Bend or Redmond to meet with your DUI attorney. Choosing a DUI attorney when you live in Madras or throughout Jefferson County shouldn’t mean you have to add more inconvenience to the headache of a DUI defense. Nelson Law has a physical office in Madras and is dedicated to serving the residents of Madras and Jefferson County.

Choosing a DUI Lawyer in Madras

After being booked for a DUI, the driver may request a DMV hearing by 5pm on the 10th day from the arrest. The Oregon DMV requires these requests to be in writing and an attorney can make this request for you. Hiring an attorney is especially important for individuals who rely on this form of transportation for work, school and other commitments. Due to the spread-out, rural landscape of Jefferson County, it’s essential for drivers in Madras to have access to their license.

Consider the following when choosing a DUI attorney in Madras, Oregon:

Experience — You have little time to act after being arrested for a DUI in Jefferson County. Choosing an attorney with extensive DUI and diversion experience is crucial. An experienced DUI lawyer in Madras may be able to convince the DMV not to suspend your drivers’ license at the hearing.

Meet Face-to-Face — Central Oregon is home to many defense attornies with offices in Bend that serve Jefferson County. Nelson Law has a dedicated and staffed office in Madras, which means you won’t have to travel to Bend to meet with your Jefferson County DUI lawyer. When choosing a DUI attorney, it helps to meet with an attorney in-person rather than over the phone or via video conferencing. This allows you to see how the lawyer works and receive all of the necessary paperwork.

Get a Free Consultation — As you navigate the uncertainties that arise after getting a DUI, it’s important to choose the right attorney and meeting with one that offers a free consultation will help you determine if they can present convincing evidence in your case. Your DUI attorney in Madras should be professional, yet compassionate. You should be able to communicate effectively with your lawyer and meeting with them for a free consultation will help you determine if it’s a good fit.

Knowledge of Local Laws — Your DUI lawyer should have extensive knowledge about local laws. Nelson Law was born and raised in Central Oregon, which gives Nelson an upper hand in knowledge and experience with local laws. Choosing a lawyer with specific knowledge about Jefferson County and Madras regulations and DUI cases will help you plead for a lesser charge that won’t require as much time and commitment as the DUI Diversion Program.

Hire a DUI Attorney in Madras

When searching for a DUI lawyer in Madras and Jefferson County, your Google search results may wield attorneys in Bend, Redmond, Portland and Eugene. Nelson Law is a Madras-based criminal defense law firm with extensive experience in local laws and regulations. We make it easy to meet at our Madras office for a free consultation and for your DUI and criminal defense cases in Jefferson County.

Nelson Law brings experience, knowledge, professionalism and compassion to the courtroom in Jefferson County. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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