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7 Reasons to Be Thankful For Your Bend DUI Lawyer

Bend DUI lawyer Ricky R. Nelson

The holiday season brings joys, merriment, parties and year-end reflections. For many people, the winter holidays mean spending time with loving friends and family. This isn’t always the case for everyone, as the holiday season also emphasizes loneliness and depression. Both merriment and depression can lead to alcohol abuse over the holiday season, which means everyone needs to take special care when imbibing this December.

Why Hire a DUI Lawyer

No one leaves the house with the intention of getting a DUI, but we’re all human and everyone makes mistakes, especially when under the influence of intoxicants. If you made the mistake of driving drunk instead of calling a rideshare like Uber or Lyft or choosing a designated driver and it resulted in a DUI, you’ll be thankful for your Bend DUI lawyer. Hiring a DUI lawyer if you’ve been arrested for drunk driving in Central Oregon will most often leave you better off than representing yourself.

  1. Oregon DUI Laws are Complex — Bend DUI lawyers like Ricky R. Nelson have studied the ins and outs of Oregon DUI laws and know all of the legalities involved. Hiring a DUI lawyer gives you a chance at the best possible outcome when interpreting local laws and the legal system.
  2. Experience in Local Courts —  You’ll be thankful when choosing a DUI lawyer with experience in the local courts and DMV. While how long an attorney has been in practice isn’t always the best measure of quality, it’s still a factor to consider. For example, Nelson has been licensed and practicing law in Central Oregon since 2013 and has extensive experience in the local court system defending DUI offense.
  3. Strong Defense Strategy — A DUI lawyer will help you avoid serious consequences with a strong defense strategy. For example, evidence obtained without probable cause may result in dismissed or reduced DUI charges. A DUI attorney has the experience to fight your charges with a strong defense strategy.
  4. Science Behind Driving Drunk — In some DUI cases, the prosecutor relies on the accuracy of evidence brought against the defendant. These cases hinge on breathalyzer tests and blood alcohol content for DUI defense. Your Bend DUI lawyer understands the science behind drunk driving cases and brings that knowledge to your defense.
  5. Mountain of Paperwork — If you are charged with a DUI offense in Central Oregon, you’ll likely face a mountain of paperwork. Hiring a DUI lawyer ensures you have the right forms and paperwork. Working with Nelson Law means you’ll have an attorney to complete and file these forms for you.
  6. Minimize Time Spent in Court — When you hire a private DUI lawyer, as opposed to a public defender, you usually won’t have to appear for routine court appearances. Your career and family mean a lot to you and not having to miss work to go to court is a huge perk.
  7. Nelson Law Offers Affordable DUI Defense — Hiring Ricky R. Nelson and Nelson Law specifically for your DUI offense in Central Oregon gives you big firm quality for an affordable price. Low overhead and a genuine desire to help people in Central Oregon drive Nelson to offer the most affordable DUI lawyer fees in the area.

Be Thankful for Your Bend DUI Lawyer This Holiday Season

If you make the mistake of driving drunk this holiday season, don’t make matters worse by attempting to represent yourself or overpaying for legal services. You’ll be thankful for local native and Bend DUI lawyer Ricky R. Nelson when you find yourself charged with a DUI offense over the holiday season. Nelson offers free consultations and makes it easy to reach out via phone, email or text.

Enjoy a merry and bright holiday season by avoiding driving drunk — call a Lyft, rely on a trusted designated driver and monitor your own intake of intoxicants. Drive safe and have a great holiday season, Central Oregon!

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